Our Own Day Here
Selected essays

Urbanist, cyclist, and lifelong flaneur Richard Risemberg explores the chaos, contradictions, and conviviality of life among the humans in and around big towns and small worldwide. From politics to poetry, from economics to ecology, from horror to humor, he encounters it all as he pedals, strolls, and even sails the cities of his life....

Our Own Day Here is a collection of observations on community, exploring how we get around, get along, and get a living in a world where not only nature but our own human nature are often hidden in plain sight. It is about the sensations of city living, and the relationships of people across time and space.

In this book, Risemberg covers issues of transportation and development; urban wildlife; the accidental poetry of city living; and the discords of politics and plutocracy and the ways in which people of the different urban cultures react to them. He also looks at the often comical contretemps that all of us spark in trying to make sense of life, work, and love in an ever-busier, more intricate, and more interdependent society.

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